Gender Inequality And Gender Equality

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The collective opinion of a ‘perfect society’ varies according to each individual, but the same general concepts usually remain quite similar: incredibly advanced technology, lush landscapes in hundreds of different shades of green, with copious amounts of peace and tranquility. Gender equality, however, is something that seems to be left out of the typical picture of the ‘perfect society’. It is ironic that in the nation where ‘all men are created equal’, there are so many restricting gender roles woven intricately into society, and from those restrictions come discriminations based solely on the gender of another human being. Gender roles have been suffocating seven billion people since the beginnings of social standards and norms, and in order to create the ‘perfect society’ that is imagined by authors and dreamers all over the planet, the idea of missed opportunities because of gender stigmatization and neat societal groups needs to be eradicated, and for good. In order to completely diminish the oppressive influence of gender roles in society, it is important to understand what exactly gender roles are. “Gender roles are sets of expectations that prescribe how males and females should act, think, and feel” (Maitland 174). There is no set description of why each gender’s specific stereotypes are the way that they are, other than decades of societal influences. There are influences of stereotyped gender roles all over modern media and in daily socialization, so it is…
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