Gender Inequality And Gender Equality

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Equality is a major topic of discussion amongst academics and the wider population as a whole. Different groups have been fighting for equal rights in many different ways in many different organisations, with varying success for the last century and beyond. In a business/managerial sense, there is much debate about the gaps between certain social groups regarding the roles in which they occupy within an organisation, with a considerable amount of literature focussing on the space between men and women, namely the gender pay gap and ‘the glass ceiling’.
This literature review will identify and discuss influential points of views of those that are leaders in the topic area of gender equality in the work place with a view of finding common themes and how the debate has moved on in recent years. The review will then look to critically analyse the research of these specific areas in order to find possible gaps in the research.

Theme 1-Occupational segregation
Blackwell states that 8% of the overall gender wage gap can be accounted for through occupational segregation by sex (Blackwell, 2001). Occupational segregation is an important theory to take into consideration when writing about the gap between men and women’s pay. It is possible to separate occupational segregation into two different fields of thought, these are horizontal and vertical. Horizontal segregation is the extent to which males and females choose to pursue different careers. An example would be the…
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