Gender Inequality And Gender Roles

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Cedie Bagos
SOC 100
Gender has dominated the daily lives of many Americans as it has become a preordained law to which everyone has to follow in order to be socially accepted as a normal human being. But over the years, gender has angered the modern generation into a new breed of social activist, that are fighting for the standing principle of equality regardless of sex. Brought by the lingering effects of gender role, and the inequality that accompanies it, gender has created a schism, not based on the scientific evidence of research, but rather a socially constructed notion of the gender roles played by male and female. It is a false doctrine that is inspired by the flawed histories of the past, and in order for equality to be achieved, gender must be abolished. To understand the role of gender, one must understand the causes and origin of this notion. The idea of gender roles have dominated history ever since. Patriarchy, a system in which men have more authority over women, has made its way into society as a value that is constantly alluded to. According to Zinn, Sotelo, and Messner (2000), patriarchy has led to the “dualistic perspective of male privilege and female subordination.” During the early years, males where basically meant for hard labour, whereas the females where meant for taking care of household chores. This gave men strength not only physically, but also in their societal and political roles, giving them the right to vote because they…
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