Gender Inequality And Idealized Beauty Standards

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Over time, there have been various ethical issues and injustices throughout centuries that are still evident and present in today’s society. One significant social injustice that our world continues to face is gender inequality and idealized beauty standards. When relating back to basic principles of gender inequality, women tend to be shown as inferior to men and specific occupations have been assigned gender roles. I agree with Naomi Wolf that gender inequality places more demands on both males and females and is a form of oppression, and her beliefs regarding ideal beauty. Wolf’s ideas surrounding gender inequality relate to Nietzsche 's theory regarding master and slave morality and man’s struggle to be a free spirit because those who adhere to society 's dictates on ideal beauty also have “slave morality”. An important aspect of gender inequality are the demands and expectations that are placed on each gender. Males are supposed to be seen as tough and strong; they aren’t “supposed to cry”. These are oppressive gender stereotypes that males are forced to endure in society. On the opposite spectrum, females are looked down upon and viewed as inferior when compared to men. They are supposed to look a specific way and Naomi Wolf, the author of The Beauty Myth, discusses this concept regarding how media portrays women are presumed to be. She discusses how images of female beauty have become more of a hindrance to women rather than a positive goal
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