Gender Inequality And Sexism Are Common Social Issues Within Today 's Society

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Gender inequality and sexism are common social issues within today’s society. I believe for a while now, men were thought of as the stronger sex, thus they were the ones who “brought home the bacon” while the women stayed at home, taking care of the children and keeping the house neat. Within the workforce as well, I believe men were always thought to be superior; they were the ones getting more frequent promotions and higher salaries, all catering to the idea of “bringing home the bacon.” In education, I think males are taken more seriously as well. Male professors are thought to be more laid-back in terms of teaching while women are more strict because they have something to prove. The male students in colleges and universities, are known to major in things such as engineering or finance, partaking in various math and science courses, whereas the women are steered more towards the liberal arts such as English or history. Jerry A. Jacobs (1996) mentions in his article, Gender Inequality and Higher Education, that “one of the striking features of education in the United States is the prominence of women among college students” (p. 155). He asks the question of whether or not women are “equally represented at top-tier institutions” and refers to the “Hearn (1990) and Persell et al (1992) report, based on an analysis of data on 1980 high school seniors, that women were disadvantaged in access to elite schools” (p. 155). Jacobs goes on to mention that “in recent
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