Gender Inequality And The Workplace

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While over time women have seen gains in educational attainment, labor force participation, and individual economic well-being, there still exists substantial differences in economic and material hardship between women and men[1] (Baunach, 2002; Isaac, Kaatz, & Carnes, 2012; Levy & Temin, 2007). There is substantial research on the role of sex segregation in the workforce, the gender wage gap, the glass ceiling and the differences in median earnings for men and women (England, 2010; England & Folbre, 2003). Gender inequities and the economic experiences of women and men continue to be present in the life course as individuals enter senior age (Sullivan & Meschede, 2016). Senior women are more likely to live in poverty than
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What is unknown is whether the gender differences in food security and food security coping strategies continued as Americans age, in the same way gendered differences in the labor market and economic well-being continue into senior age.
There is limited literature on senior food insecurity and an even smaller body of literature on the relationship to gender and senior food insecurity. There has been a steady growth in food insecurity among seniors. From 2003 to 2013 the rate of seniors experiencing the threat of hunger (marginally food insecure) has nearly doubled. In 2013, nearly half of those 65 and older who lived below the poverty rate faced the threat of hunger (AbuSabha et al., 2011; Ziliak & Gundersen, 2014). Food insecurity among seniors will continue to grow, as the senior population becomes more diverse, there is an increase in the numbers of individuals who have higher risks of food insecurity, including racial and ethnic minorities (Ortman & Velkoff, 2014; Ziliak & Gundersen, 2013, 2014). The senior population continues to grow in sheer numbers and will become part of a larger proportion in the United States, thus it is important to better understand differences in senior subpopulations.
This paper is exploratory in nature and will answer two research
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