Gender Inequality Between Men And Women

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However feminism maintains that women are treated in an unfair ways. Social gender roles lead to various forms of inequality and disparity between men and women, which in relation to the socio economic, political and cultural ideologies plays a negative role in girls (Asley 2014) .While some societies, defend gender differences based on their cultural norms and religious beliefs, this tends to restrict women physical and mental space.”Across social classes girls tends to have less physical mobility than boys and thus less freedom to move to larger towns or other countries to continue their education”(Lauder et 970).This norms also restrict the choice of discipline, occupation or field of study. While women, for their years of…show more content…
However the experience of being male or female differs from culture to culture and individuals tend to be socialized to conform to specific gender expectations of them. The biological male tends to take up the masculine roles and masculine ways of acting, with females taken on the famine ways of thinking and behaving (Kamala 2000)

The concept of gender in simple terms is used to describe the social attributes connected to being a male or female in a given society. Gender is an analytical tool that is socially constructed to differentiate the differences in behaviour and the biological difference between men and women. The writings of feminists are focused on these aspects which claim that the differences are not biological but social constructions of a patriarchal society. Which describe men to be superior and women to be subordinate to men. (Jane 2005).
This phenomenon is been described tobe stereotyped household and occupational roles with stereotyped traits, that portrays women and girls as passive conformists while boys and men do the lively things that is filled with fun.( UNESCO,2007)
The disparity between policy and reality according to unterhalters (2007) lies in how gender as a noun to mean: how many boys and girls have access to education and as an adjective to mean: the gender social relation and identities that influence both sex schooling and the traditional assumptions about boys and girls are been
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