Gender Inequality During The Western World

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Wherever agriculture spread through human society, gender inequality soon followed. Since then, strict gender roles have developed throughout culture, and have resulted in violence, mistreatment, and degradation of woman all around the globe. In the Western world, once second-wave feminism ran its course, people have begun to think that gender gender equality has been attained. This is obviously completely false in Asia and other regions where vitriolage, child marriage, and female infanticide are still common. However, it is also an incorrect assumption when it comes to the West.
Vitriolage, the act of throwing acid in a person’s face, has become increasingly common in India. More than 75% of victims are women or girls who are attacked by men (Menon). When a woman denies a marriage proposal or sexual advances, provides insufficient dowry to her groom’s family, or leaves a romantic relationship, she puts herself at risk of this incredibly painful and permanently disfiguring, though rarely fatal, act of violence. The scars produced from vitriolage are distinctive and easily identifiable. Victims are often blinded, disabled, and/or ostracized by their community, therefore they become unable to obtain employment. This leaves them desperate for food, housing and other basic necessities, forcing them to return to or stay with their assailant (“Acid Violence”). Perpetrators of this heinous act seldom wish to murder their victim. Most often, their goal is to disfigure them and
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