Gender Inequality During The Workplace

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace
It was the holiday season and the workers were vigorously working to receive that desperately needed bonus. The day before the holiday break, the workers were eagerly lined up to receive their checks along with their bonuses. After receiving their checks, Susan got a glimpse of Christopher’s check and she noticed how she was paid far less than him even though they both had the same position and worked the same amount of hours. Throughout various aspects of society the problem of females being portrayed as inferior to their male counterparts has been a long lasting issue—this plight is also known as gender inequality. A specific example in society where gender inequality can be seen is through discrimination by gender in the work place. The presence of women in the workforce has been growing steadily and now, more than ever, women can be seen in almost every aspect of the workplace. For years, females have been underpaid and undermined, which is a blatant act of injustice towards them and it is disrespectful; they deserve to live an in equal society, one where they cannot be discriminated based on their gender.
To begin with, in many fields of work, men are given a preference over a woman, which establishes how women are undermined due to their gender. Meanwhile, men are given an advantage because of the old stereotype of them being strong and diligent workers. According to the fourth principle of the status character theory, people…
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