Gender Inequality For Women Working

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Women Inequality: Gender Inequality for Women Working in the US Labor Force. By Karla Hernandez English II Mrs. Desai 6 May 2016 Karla Hernandez Mrs. Desai English II 6 May 2016 Women Inequality: The Gender Inequality for Women Working in the US Labor Force. According to the International Trade Union Confederation ever since 1979 the equality gap in pay had gone up, in 2010 women now earned 81% of what male employees earned. That later changed the wage gap opened, woman pay dropped by 46.7 in 2011 and it is not expected go to up until later than 2018. It is an injustice that men get payed more than women when they both have same jobs and same tasks, in some jobs women do a better job at what they do than men, but they don 't notice that. Even tho women are being hired 51% of the women hired to work in the US labor force is mainly given the position at a healthcare department or something very basic. Are men afraid of women taking their jobs? Of society thinking less of them because a women can make more money than them? This doesn 't just affect the normal people, it affects everyone even movie stars and singers. Section One: Summary Section The article Everything You Need To Know About The Hollywood Pay Gap, published in November 12, 2015. This article discussed the pay-gap with actors and actress, describing and comparing how much the highest-paid actress and actor make in a year. The article Salary Differences Between Male
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