Gender Inequality : Gender And Gender

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Gender is a very complex term beyond the ordinary constructs that society assigns to it. In a well-pronounced western culture, gender is largely viewed in two binary concepts, the perspective of male and female. When a child is born, people care so much about the genital structure more than other gender spectrums that the child might poses. The fact that the nature of sexuality places the new born in the two worldly known categories, we are okay with our new born. Society has strongly stereotyped gender to the extent of approving the two known binaries of male or female. Any other gender outside male or female is not easily accepted in the society. Whereas, we perceive gender in the image of male or female, there is so much to gender especially in our constantly evolving world than just being identified as male or female.
The society is evolving and shifting the established constructs in the society. In the eyes of gender spectrum, gender is no longer about the sex of a child. There are more multifaceted issues to gender that seek to eliminate the binary concept of male and female that the western culture has popularized around the world. This paper would argue that gender does not exist in the context of sex designation of brain and body, mosaicism, and anatomy variations.
In a widely evolving world as the 21st century, nothing is same as we used to know them. The perpetual changes that are occurring in the 21st century seek to shake every popular construct out of its…
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