Gender Inequality : Gender And Gender

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Gender is based on cultural assumptions that classifies on what positions should be held based on gender. Therefore, Gender inequality affects people in the workforce because of the gender wage gap in institutions. For example, jobs are sex segregated based on gender roles and status. The gender gap is based on wages and job positions. This causes for males and women to earn different because of gender. Even if they have the same positions males are look as authority. Men are favored because of the concept of being dominant. Ridgeway says “Not only the existing sex composition of the job but also the stereotypically gendered nature of the work or the status of the establishment that the job incumbent is expected to connote can implicitly activate gender beliefs and the color of image of the preferred worker”(Ridgeway, 101).This quote helps explain that employer are hired based on gender and racial background. Also, this shows the inequality of gender because gender belief is based on hiring males for authority. Moreover, there are gender biases in the working system because workers are identified by status and skills. This affects employers because women who have the same qualifications as males are not hired based on gender bias. However, the male would always be hired because they are identify to be authority because they are able to be competitive and dominant. Males are looked as leaders because they are able to lead companies to…
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