Gender Inequality : Gender And Gender

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Gender has always been an interesting topic to me. The cool thing about gender is that it differs so much, whether it be from country to country, or from periods of time. Gender even differs within the same country between different regions and cultures. Gender is one of those things that is never consistent, and could definitely change drastically in my lifetime. So what exactly is Gender? Often, people get the term gender confused with the term sex. Although they are associated with each other, they should not be used interchangeably. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines gender as one of the categories (masculine, feminine, and neuter) into which words (such as nouns, adjectives, and pronouns) are divided in many languages (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Simply put, sex usually refers to the biological features that define men and women, and therefore use the categories: “Male” and “Female”. (Gender, women and health). With that being said, let us explore how we come to learn gender. Society plays a big part in how we learn gender. Here in the United States, for the most part, men are expected to behave a certain way, and women are expected to behave another way. For example, men or boys are expected to be tough and rugged, showing little emotion, if any at all. Women on the other hand, are seen as these emotional creatures, who are looked at as more sensitive. Now of course these are stereotypes, but they have become so socially accepted that we as a society are oblivious…
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