Gender Inequality In America Essay

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Gender Inequality in The U.S
Sophie Frank
2nd Hour

Recent studies have shown that overcoming gender inequality could take up to 83 years (at the pace America’s going). But is there a way to speed this up? Gender inequality is simply when one gender is not treated as equally as the other. In fact, it has been around for a long time, and is still around today. It is mostly a problem with women because they are not given the same rights as men, though men can experience the same events. Gender inequality is still a problem in America, but there are ways to fight against it

STEM job gaps and unequal treatment prove that gender inequality still exists in America. According the article New badge helps Girl Scouts see their STEM potential, women fill around one-quarter of STEM jobs, even though females fill half of the
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According to the website ‘marie claire’, women make 16% less money than men in the workplace, only 20% of congress is made up of women, and girls make up 80% percent of human trafficking. But men also are expected to be tough and invulnerable, keeping a hard exterior, and not talking about their problems can lead to mental illnesses, in fact, suicide is four times higher in men because of that. Consequently, women are more likely to end up in poverty, are unrepresented, are more likely for sexual assault, and men can’t always live up to expectations. This shows that gender inequality still exists in the U.S.

There is ways to try and diminish gender inequality, but it is still prominent in America. Women are not being represented in the STEM workplace and gender inequality causes treatment to be unfair. But we can do something to help. We can start by funding charities for women that give them more opportunities, pulling down expectations for males (like making posters and videos), and supporting our females who want to represent our country along with
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