Gender Inequality In An Inspector Calls

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In An Inspector Calls the theme of gender inequality is explored comprehensively. In the play, most of the women are portrayed as feeble characters, unable to make decisions for themselves. Many people often think this of Sheila, who the men feel needs protecting from lots of things, like the information that a girl has committed suicide. The play was set in 1912 when the patriarchal society was the norm. So the women that were in the play would have been seen as possessions to their husband and therefore did not work or have careers. However it would have been accepted for women to participate in charity work as Mrs Birling was. Apart from that, women would have been simply seen as wives and mothers not workers and fighters. Women did not have the same rights as men most notably women did not even have the right to vote. The…show more content…
This is shown when he tells Sheila that he wants to try and “settle it sensibly for you” which he does not offer to do for Gerald or Eric. This would suggest that he does not think that Sheila is capable enough for the truth of the real world instead of her upper class life. Sheila would have had to marry well in order to have security in her life, which is why the engagement between her and Gerald would have been instrumental in giving her a good future that she would not have been able to achieve on her own. Gerald describes the character Eva Smith / Daisy Renton using the words “young, fresh and charming” this off hand manner suggests that, in his eyes, she was just someone of little substance that he could amuse himself with until he decided he no longer wanted her. He gives her a house and looks after her which shows that he knew she was vulnerable and in need of help; but quite soon he abandoned her. This confirms to the audience that men often had the balance of power in their favour, whichever class of woman they were dealing
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