Why China Has So Few Female Leaders

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As I perused through CNN, an article titled “Why China has so few female leaders” caught my attention. According to the article, The Baju Culture, discriminatory policy and the anti-feminism were the reasons China only had two female leaders. However, when observing the world trend, it seems many opportunities and resources are granted to women. Many articles of The New York Times reveal young women as being less dependent on men, higher achievers, ahead of men in education, receiving higher earnings, even referring this moment as the period of a “reverse gender gap”. Despite the decrease in the gender gap, with the outrageous scandals surrounding Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and the increase in political strife and organizations…show more content…
And yet within a month/Let me not think on’t Frailty, thy name is woman” (1.2.147-150)! To Hamlet, his mother’s actions are intolerable as she shows a swift and radical change from mourning for old Hamlet’s death to marrying his brother. Not only she shows a lack of grief, but also, she shows a physical attachment towards Claudius; this is apparent when Hamlet states, “‘She married. O, most wicked speed, to post/ With such dexterity to incestuous sheets’” (I.II.161-2)! Therefore, with repugnance, Hamlet criticizes not only Gertrude but also women in general for their weakness and their actions that are driven by emotions rather than reflection. Hamlet refers her actions as dependent and compliant, often showing fickleness. Gertrude’s frailty is depicted again during her interactions with Hamlet who exclaims “ ‘Proclaim no shame/ When the compulsive ardor gives the charge…’ ” (III.IV.95-6), showing that Gertrude is driven by emotion and seems
Many of the times women are expected to follow the commands of the men, often leading to being patronized. Such action is frequently portrayed by Laertes and Polonius. Ophelia, who abides by the orders of the male characters, is shown with the inability to make her own decisions and influenced by the sayings of the men around her. Such incompetence is shown during the interaction between Polonius and Ophelia when the two characters discuss the credibility of Hamlet’s love. When Ophelia believes Hamlet is
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