Gender Inequality In Law School Case Study

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In this paper, I focus on women’s experiences in law school and law firms, and how these two institutions impact the role of gender within the professional partner track. I examine whether this disparity in the legal profession is just a reflection of society’s views on gender or if this disparity is caused by the structure of law school classes or law firms and what could aide this inequality. As a female student with an interest in becoming a lawyer it is important to address and fix the strong gender inequality within the legal profession. In order to analyze this topic, I related the experiences of a female partner to research on the ranking of law schools, the hemisphere of law firms, and discrimination within these two areas.
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Like subsections of the conservative right in Southworth’s books, Lawyer X agrees that the role of lawyers should be to serve their client’s needs and supports the idea the lawyers are supposed to fight and stick up for their clients in ways that their clients cannot stick up for themselves within the world of law. Although family law is gendered, I wanted to analyze how deeply gendered the legal profession is and whether the law school attended or law firm practice plays a role in this disparity. To do this I will apply Lawyer X’s experiences to research on women in the legal profession, women owned law firms and discrimination within these two areas. Studies like Sterling and Reichman’s (2016) show us that women are significantly underrepresented in partnership and ownership within the legal profession (Sterling & Reichman, 2016). The growth of women owned law firms will hopefully aid the disproportion of the genders within the legal profession. Lawyer X hopes that the formation of women owned law firms will in fact "be a trend, instead of an aberration, because it is important for women to be represented in the legal profession” (Lawyer X, 24 May 2017). This growth of female owned law firms has even seeped into the corporate hemisphere, with firms like Brune & Richard within New York

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