Gender Inequality In Much Ado About Nothing

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Gender Equality Nowadays, there are a lot of social contradictions in society. Although people spread the idea of gender equality, there are many unfair phenomenons of gender inequality. No fear Shakespeare Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare, and this is a tragedy. The drama described the story of Hamlet‟s uncle Claudius murdered the father of Hamlet, and he became a new king. Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude, has married the new king. Hamlet hated his uncle Claudius for murdering his dad and his mother Gertrude for marrying by Claudius. And then, Hamlet began a revenge plan. The film, Much Ado About Nothing, described a ingenious plan and love story. Claudio falls in love with Hero, and they decide to get marry. Benedick and Beatrice…show more content…
In all respects, women are more vulnerable and more responsible than men, but they do not have the freedom and power which they deserve. Gender inequality between men and women crosses the boundaries of race, class, age and lifestyle. In the play, No fear Shakespeare Hamlet, Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, she is a kind-hearted, but she is a cowardly woman. When Hamlet uses sharpest words to denounce Gertrude is unfaithful to Hamlet’s father, Gertrude does not contradict and rebuke Hamlet, and she examine her mistakes. Gertrude: “What have I done, that thou darest wag thy tongue In noise so rude against me? Ay me, what act That roars so loud and thunders in the index?” (124-125) This shows that women are in the low status in a family. Gertrude does not know how to resist, and she just to want to stop discussion. Gertrude: “O Hamlet, speak no more! Thou turn‟st mine eyes into my very soul, And there I see such black and grainèd spots As will not leave their tinct. O, speak to me no more! These words like daggers enter in my ears. No more, sweet Hamlet.” (126-127) After Hamlet’s father is dead, Gertrude remarries with Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. The reason that Gertrude in hurry to remarry because she can not survive if she has nobody to rely. In that era, men have more power and higher social status. When a woman gets into trouble, like Gertrude’s husband died, she does not know how to keep on living or solve problems.…show more content…
For example, In ancient China, women can not be an official and emperor. Nowadays, most husbands think they should go to work, and their wife should stay at home to take care of their children. People should get rid of the concept of gender inequality in their mind. When women do something, they have more patient. Women and men should have equality right and social statues. Gender equality is important for development of a
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