Gender Inequality In The Middle Ages

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The Dawn Right Before the Dawn Rises is Always the Darkest…
The Middle Ages was a time of crisis, in a way, probably why it was associated with the name “Dark Ages”. My english teacher once said, “The richer were getting richer and the poorer, even more poor.” The middle ages, albeit having a number of similarities at present time, I guess, in my opinion, we can say that we would much prefer the circumstances of today, seeing that back then the role of women were much more unfavorable. The social hierarchy of the middle ages, despite being fit for their economic system, their economic system itself wasn’t a very good one due to the money mainly circulating around the rich and the poor, as was mentioned earlier were just getting poorer, therefore making their social hierarchy a bad one as well seeing that it was . Furthermore, there were many aspects as to where said crisis were evident, but let us focus on mainly these three: the social hierarchy, the economic system and the role of women during the middle ages.

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Women can now work alongside men as equals, and are given equal opportunities such as being able to become an official, and to own land.

Past and present, hold similarities and differences. All in all, aspects of the middle ages can still be somewhat seen today although in a brighter light compared to back then, seeing that people are given more opportunities and equal chances, unlike back then where things were to be restricted and limited to a certain class of group of people, sometimes even gender. Although in another perspective, we can still see that we are far from being perfect, then again nothing can ever be fully perfect and so we just strive to become better than before, and to hopefully live a life we can call worth

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