Gender Inequality In The Workplace

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Have you ever wondered why all the people we see high up in large companies, organizations, and politics in America all fit the same characteristics? Almost all CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Presidents, Senators, etc. are white males who generally come from a middle high class family. Due to this fact we are actually obstructing America from advancing. If we always have the same views and population controlling the high responsibility of these jobs, then we will see change and advancement much slower than if we allowed other genders, races, and classes to get a chance to make real change. Instead career development is constricted due to gender inequality, racial inequality, and class construct. A huge injustice happening in the workplace is how differently men and women are treated. Women have always been obstructed in society, but as of late that has changed right? Many of us have been taught to believe that women are now treated as equals, but in reality that is not how it works. Women are still oppressed at every corner. They are getting paid less to do the same job as men, getting lower starting positions, and getting promoted less. A great example of this pay deduction for women is how Serena Williams, the greatest women’s professional tennis player of all time gets paid significantly less than Roger Federer when they were both number one in the world. Even though in 2015 while they were both rank one, Serena won almost double the amount of tournaments and has the same sponsorship

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