Gender Inequality In The Workplace

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“Over the last four decades, as China has transitioned from a socialist centralized economy to a productivity-and-efficiency-oriented market economy, so too have the country’s public and private spheres becoming increasingly differentiated.” For many generations, Chinese women have been seen as subordinate and inferior to that of a man. The Chinese workplace has always suffered from inequality, specifically gender inequality. Gender wage gaps and many other kinds of inequality in the workplace are affecting women in China but also all over the world. Women in China are not provided an equal opportunity because of their gender. Women have been thought to be underqualified or less qualified than that of a male co-worker doing the same job, and as a result are paid less, treated unequally, or not even offered a job. Long hours are required by the highest paid occupation making it hard for the females to take on household and family duties. Women feel discriminated against which affects their decisions for an occupation and career because of how society has portrayed them, thus making it hard for women to succeed. Dating back to over 200 years ago women have been extremely challenged by inequality in the workforce in China. “Up until the 1980’s China thought of gender inequality as one of their key most important principals in their society. “ Women in the Chinese work place dating back to before the 1950’s was and still are, underpaid, thought to be less educated, and are not

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