Gender Inequality Is The Unequal Treatment Of Someone Based Off Their Gender

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In modern society gender inequality is the unequal treatment of someone based off their gender rather than their varying skills, abilities, and characteristics. In our society gender equality can be hard to notice sometimes but in other cases it is very obvious such as pay scale for jobs. Many efforts have been taken in the past to get rid of this unequal gap between genders especially in the modern workplace. It is difficulty for many of us to think about gender inequality especially considering how many women are in positions of power currently. Many women can be seen in every field of industry such as doctors, lawyers, and scientists. Even with all of this progress women are still discriminated against and underrepresented in society. One theory that can be used very effectively to analyze gender inequality is the feminist theory. This theory is one of the major sociological theories and analyzes the positions of women and men in society to better the lives of women. It is mostly concerned with giving women an equal role in all aspects of society and the contributions they have given it. In terms of gender inequality feminism recognizes that the social situations of men and women differ greatly between each other. Also in these social situations women are treated even more unequally than how men would be. The feminists argue that women have just as much potential as men and are more than capable of achieving the same level of academic knowledge and skills needed in the
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