Gender Inequality : Like A Girl

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“…Like a girl”. No matter the term placed prior to this prompt, a negative connotation is created. The term may even be considered a great insult to a boy. This is strongly due to the fact that women are generally considered inferior to men. Gender inequality is the world we live in now; it is not an issue of the past. Inequality in terms of being equal, or no gender should be given special advantages. While there has been progress, as a society we have not improved enough. There is evidence of this unfairness alive and well today. Unfortunately, this imbalance is most prevalent in sports. More specifically, there is inequality between male and female soccer players; professional female soccer players are paid less than men, are objectified, and stereotyped.

Women have been viewed differently than men throughout history. They were seen as lesser or incapable of being strong. In the eyes of men, women were not able to be athletes, and sweating was considered un-ladylike. Unfortunately, due to this, females were given miniscule recognition if they played sports outside of tennis, figure skating, horseback riding, and badminton. In other words, feminine, low risk, or no contact sports. Therefore, women were not given the funds necessary to continue their sport. This led to the Title IX legislation, a law passed in 1972. The purpose was to “prohibit discrimination in education programs and activities receiving federal funds. It was the first comprehensive
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