Gender Inequality Of The United States

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“You won’t get paid. As a woman and of color, you’re going to be underpaid, so there’s really no point,” Daniel recalled (“Career and Workplace” 4). A future law graduate was told to throw away her dreams in regards to gender inequality. A girl named Reshma Daniel had to give up what she loved most because of a situation regarding both her race and gender. Reshma Daniel’s parents moved to America from India with just a couple dollars. Her parents wanted their children to live the American life. For Daniel, that simply meant law school. While at Nova in Southeastern University in Florida, she majored in legal studies and job shadowed a family lawyer. After a pretrial hearing had taken place, another lawyer, a Vietnamese woman, told Daniel…show more content…
It does no one any good, so why is it continuing to happen? All it does is harm. “If people in the world forever choose to live by “guidelines” of gender inequality, then the line that separates men and women will forever be thick” (Kimble 1). Throughout history, women have faced intense discrimination. Discrimination is the unfair or detrimental treatment of different groups of people or things, especially on the ground levels of race, age, or sex. Women have faced intense discrimination from a shortage of legal rights and very little freedom from their husbands, to being thought to have minor brains. In many societies, women have forever been viewed as less than fully human (“News Wise” 1). On one hand, there has been great progress toward equality. At the same time, extensive and noticeable holes remain. These holes that still exist are not only in terms of economic inequality and continuing intolerance and harassment in the workplace, but in everyday conversations and actions (“Divided America” 6). While significant achievements for women 's rights have been made, women continue to fight for equality today. They do not give up, they give it their all. Giving up would do no good. In 2015, women made seventy-eight cents for every dollar earned by a man (“White House” 6). “By 2018, there will be 1.4 million open technology jobs in the United States, and at the current rate of students
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