Gender Inequality Of The Workplace

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Fact or Fiction: Gender Inequality in the Workplace Will respect resolve the gender inequality issue in the workplace? While there 's always going to be a person who craves more money because greed is a major factor in why respect is in decline in the workplace. Gender inequality is prevalent in the workplace, but we can bridge the gap if more people had respect for their counterparts. Enforcing this amongst employees will cut down on discrimination lawsuit cases and these companies can grow because they have diversity in their work field which will lead to a great environment to work in. Also employees will want to work there longer; there would be fewer turnovers and money would be saved because less turn over means people are staying at the job longer. It is proven that employees are more loyal in a positive, diverse, environment because there are more opportunities for creativity and new ideas and earning potential(Linz ). Bridging the gap can be accomplished through employers paying their workers disregarding their gender but based on ability and job performance and how effective they are in their field and then be paid accordingly. If people had more respect towards their counterparts, then there wouldn 't be such a significant importance on how much a man makes versus a woman and work responsibilities because it would be equal. Gender inequality is a topic that the younger generation doesn’t even believe exists, and it’s not considered a pressing issue or an
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