Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality is currently a hot topic in our society. From education, to the entertainment industry, and more importantly, to our daily lives, gender inequality has created a powerful divide between females and males. The same trend follows in the workplace, where females are less likely to hold positions of authority compared to their male counterparts, which is a key contributor to the workplace gender inequality all across the United States.
There are a lot of common misconceptions about the facts and aspects of workplace gender inequality. For example, many people believe that women themselves choose lower paying jobs that have little or no authoritative roles. Or that the gender pay gap and inequality in the workplace is due to
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Therefore, by allowing more females in manager positions, companies can easily facilitate gender equality in the workplace.
Fuller and Schoenberger offered their own insight on this topic with their article titled The Gender Salary Gap, which explored the influence of different levels of education, hands-on career experiences, and choice of major, on the starting salaries of college graduates. They narrowed their research by choosing candidates that were business majors, such as finance, accounting, etc. They filled the gaps of previous research by finding measurable factors that affected the salary gap, and they also asked whether a certain set of characteristics had the same effects later on in the person’s career as it did in the beginning (Fuller 179).
By using quantitative methods such as regression analysis, decomposing of differentials in starting salary, and by quantifying candidates’ characteristics, so they could be easily measured and compared, they found that the more educated and experienced a woman was, the higher her starting salary. Education and experience, along with the other characteristics declined in impact over a couple years of working, for both men and women. The results also showed that “women in the sample were more likely to
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