Gender Inequality

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Throughout generations there is one controversial topic that has managed to withstand the test of time, while also holding its relevance; gender inequality. In other words to be considered, the various accounts of inequities women are faced with in relation to men. Visible in everyday aspects; home life, and especially that of the workplace. Though there are those who believe gender to have no significance to an individual’s power, this demonstrates otherwise. Women are faced with numerous hindrances in comparison to men, as a result of the femme stereotype that has developed across time. The gender inequality issue is one that has remained prevalent with time passing, exceedingly visible in what has now become of our modern society.…show more content…
From situations as the workplace, does this demonstrate the idea of women standing down from running positions of such hierarchy. With the expectation to let by what goes before them, and keep to themselves. This is seen in the novel A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, in various situations. Often throughout the story the protagonist Blanche speaks the truth in how she feels of having to carry herself in front of others, “When people are soft - soft people have got to shimmer and glow -... You’ve got to be soft and attractive.” (Williams 92), demonstrating the beliefs of society women are expected to abide by; that of being ever so accommodating to the acts of others. A result of the characteristics women are continuously tied, that have prevented the chance of opportunity in various aspects. Where the issue of gender inequality is often seen amongst the workplace, it can also be seen in day to day life; home life to be exact. Considering the role a woman is thought to fulfill that of being a housewife. In other words, to take responsibility of the housework, care for the children, cook for the family, and far more. It is a consequence of the female stereotype developed over time, and remains difficult to be broken. In an article titled “The Negative Effects of Gender Roles” by Amiee Jean Jones, is it an issue that remains increasingly visible with time. To young children, a majority are brought up on the idea that “...females are nurses
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