Gender Inequality

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There are many ways to discuss gender inequality and in the workplace world, a perfect example of gender inequality stems from the vast issue of unequal pay between men and women. According to Excite Education, “Gender inequality is a form of sex discrimination which results in a particular individual being treated disadvantageously because of their gender.” (Excite, 2001) In the workplace, women have been treated differently when it comes to their roles and their pay. In a recent article by The New Times, actress Emma Stone discusses how her “Male co-stars have cut their own salaries to tackle inequality.” (Haigney, 2017) I chose to do this article because I think it is very important for young women entering a workplace to be aware of…show more content…
Back then, and still to this day, men were and are considered to be the “breadwinners” of their families and are what help financially support their families. Women who worked were looked at by employers to not be as hardworking at their workplace because they would have to split their time between being a mother and being an employer. Work places such as that had a “glass ceiling” over women, meaning women had the inability to reach a top level positon. This is relevant to the article because Emma Stone took a stand to stick up for women who were being paid less than men, but were working just as hard. In the New York Times article, “Other stars have spoken up about this: Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay in 2015 when leaked documents showed she was paid less than her co-star Bradley Cooper in “American Hustle.” Amy Adams, another of the co-stars in that movie, has also spoken out as well.” (Haigney, 2017) We’re Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams paid less because they are girls? Even though their role in the movie was just as important as Bradley Cooper’s? These are all questions that these celebrities have demanded. Not only have celebrities demanded answers, but everyday working women who feel as if they are being taken advantage of in their workplace. Jennifer Lawrence argued that women need to negotiate more
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