Gender Inequality : The People With Two Chocolates

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If you look under your seats, you will either have two chocolates, or none. The people with two chocolates have been chosen at random. None of you had a say as to whether you have chocolates or not. So, if you are a lucky person with two chocolates, you have a choice, and you have control. You can either keep both chocolates for yourself, or, if you would like to, you can give one to the person next to you. Go ahead and make your choice.

So, where am I going with this? Some of you happened to not get any chocolates. You did not get a say in how this worked out. The others, also did not get a say as to if you got chocolates, however, you had more choice, freedom and power over the others. This relates to… gender inequality. Gender is
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• Intended for adults, particularly married couples. Encourages women to take a leading roll in society, be brave and do what they want to do with their lives. Shows men dangers & downsides to women living just for their husbands’ happiness, instead of being ambitious, independent, and making decisions for themselves.

The Stepford Wives Plot: Joanna, moves to Stepford to start her life over.
• Town is strange - women are ‘too perfect’, living for their husbands
• Stepford wives turn out to be robots controlled by their husbands.

When It Changed Context: When It Changed, 1972, (Women’s Liberation Movement)
• Many events & ideas surrounding feminism were generated into films, books and other means of communicating these messages, to mass-market feminism. Gave women a political education, and awakened them to examine their own lives.
• Joanna Russ (author), was a pioneering feminist, who wrote multiple novels & short stories on the topic of gender, particularly aimed at females.
• Encourages them to tackle gender inequality.
• Shocked society by portraying a female oriented message through science fiction (male solely genre)

When It Changed Plot:
This short story takes place on the planet of Whileaway. It has been presented as a utopia, where women are
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