Gender Inequality : The Workplace Against Women

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace against Women

SOCI 3432 M50

Professor Stockton

April 26, 2016

Shandrika Jackson

Over the last ninety years, women have battled to become equal with men in all aspects of life and work (Parcheta, 2013). Male domination and power has become the social assumption as gendered occupations and beliefs have been projected throughout society as the status quo. Though challenging, this status quo is still present. Women have manufactured huge developments in career and education training, but equal treatment to a man, pay, and promotions in the workplace still escape them. Sociologists have documented that gender is not mainly a role or identity. It is an institutionalized system of social practices for constituting people as two different categories; male and female, and organizing relations of inequality around that difference (Ridgeway & Correll, 2000). In categorizing gender as a social construction, differentiations between males and females help to develop gender difference.

This research aims to inform my audience of the prevalent gender inequalities in the workplace against women. We will analyze gender inequality at work through sexual harassment, the gender pay gap, job segregation, lack of promotion opportunities, and work and family balance. All these are factors that women have to take into consideration when opening themselves to a voluminous biased environment at work. To accomplish gender equality at work would be ideal with…
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