Gender Inequality Throughout Angola During The Civil War

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Gender Inequality throughout Angola
Angola has had a long and rich tradition of inequality among men and women across their country. According to the World Bank staff, in 2016, there was less than a one percent difference in Men and Women across the total population of Angola (World Bank). Being a relatively young country many of the people that fled the country in 2002 during the Civil War have returned and begun to resume their lives (CIA World Factbook). With life expectancy being one of the lowest in the world there are already many problems throughout the nation (CIA World Factbook). A continuing problem that has caused such a low human development index and what continues to be a major factor in the success of the
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Although access continues to increase across the region the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) has not moved in roughly three decades in Angola (Decker). To solve the main problems of women’s health in a heavily cultured society of high fertility rates the public needs educated. A Major reason why only six percent of women use contraceptive devices is the lack of education as to what they will prevent (Prata 192). According to the CIA, the literacy rate gap between men and women is well over twenty percent (World FactBook). With contraceptive use being linked to the more educated to cause less of a transaction of sexually transmitted diseases, women are behind men. Simple education programs can help prevent disease and health concerns to women. Men are more likely to engage in sexual behavior at a younger age then women, making it vital to educate the older women to keep everyone safe (Prata 192). When people are not able to understand the potential risks of pregnancy’s this can lead to very high mortality rates as well.
Mortality Rates That’s not the only problem for women’s health throughout Angola. Across the entire country of Angola there is no shortage of hospitals, with the end of the civil war Angola has been

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