Gender Inequality Throughout Middle School And High School

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Gender inequality is an issue that has been affecting our world for a very long time. We see it all throughout history, from women entering the workforce for the first time, to women protesting on the street, fighting for the right to vote. An article in the Wall Street Journal reports that a man who works full time earns a median of $889 a week, a woman who works full-time earns a median of $721 a week. That 's a $168 difference between males and females in the workforce. Also, what about the horrible names that girls are called throughout middle school and high school? Slut, hoe, whore, skank, all of these judgmental names are what women are called every day, whether it 's true or not. Gender inequality is everywhere, but most people are just too blind to notice. In fact, throughout the HWOC Curriculum, social injustices, including gender inequality, is reflected in both literature and nonfiction texts to give us important information that educates us on what is happening in the world around us. This year in our English class, we read a few important pieces of literature that have helped us understand and explain gender inequality throughout history. One important piece that stood out to us is William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. At this point in the tragedy, Sampson and Gregory are talking about the Montague’s and begin to speak poorly of the women. They are discussing how the women are weaker and the men are stronger. Sampson mentions to…

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