Gender Inequality Within A Competitive Athletic Workplace

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Mr. Recinto

Freshman 101

December 9, 2015

Gender Inequality

What are the types of gender inequality in this world? Inequality is when there are two things that are not the same. For example, antonyms, they are when two objects don 't have similar qualities. This means there are differences between the two. It can be beneficial or very discriminating. The definition for gender inequality is the unequal treatment, or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. Gender inequality is between the male and female advantages and disadvantages. In this world there are numerous of examples of inequalities. They can range from intelligence to the physical capability of doing something. The male and female are different in many ways, not only in physical appearance. It is very unequal for the women and for the men too. In gender inequality there are inequalities in sports, work, and in leadership.

First of all, there is gender inequality in sports. Sport as in a competitive athletic doing. Gender inequality is in college sports, community sports, and in professional sports. Before women played any sports, it was all men who played. Also, it seems as if there are more men who play sports than women. There is also more male sports, like sports where girls don 't play the sport because it 's more for males. For example, there is football, baseball, shooting, rugby, and more sports. Girls do play those sports, but it is not common for all the girls to
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