Gender Inequality Within A Workplace

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Although over time it is clear to see that gender inequality is becoming a smaller problem in today’s society, it must also be noted that it does still exist, even in the most developed parts of the world. The UNDP, 1997 in its Human Development report, stated that ‘no society treats its women as well as its men’ and to some extent this is true. However, in this essay I will be discussing different opinions and related studies in order to come to a conclusion regarding the truth behind this comment. The statement given is open ended and relatively general and as a result could refer to a number of things including inequality within a workplace, at home, in education or within religious institutions. Having said this, I will be looking at these different areas in large detail in order to gain a fair and concise point of view regarding gender inequality in today’s society.

I shall start this essay with the ongoing issue regarding gender segregation at work in which Jerry A. Jacobs (1995, p.3) describes as the ‘degree to which men and women do different work…the more finely grained the classification system employed, the more segregation is revealed’. This quote infers an interesting point of view as it explains how gender segregation and gender inequality are clearly two different concepts and that segregation is simply the two genders engaging in different tasks and occupations. This is both understandable and logical as the difference between men and women biologically…
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