Gender Inequality Within The Workplace

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What is the root of feminism? There are many things that will anger you in life and getting played less than a man for the same job is one of them. Women are capable of getting a job, but we still fall behind due to unequal wages between women and men for the same duties. Gender inequalities are a huge factor in the workplace. There is a lot of tension when it comes to women being over worked. The amount of responsibilities that women have, from work to home and everything in between, is ridiculous and it is all based on the gender roles that society has developed. Lastly, what really triggers feminism is the world expecting all women to portray themselves as sex objects and then to getting criticized for it. Understanding sex, gender, how they link together and the input of society clarifies why women a treated this way.
A persons 'sex ' is a biological trait. A human being will contain this trait form birth. Society uses 'sex ' to categorize people. A human being will either belong in the 'female ' or the 'male ' categories; a decision that will be made based on chromosomes, genitalia or some other physical ascription.
Furthermore, there needs to be a discussion of 'gender ' if there is going to be a discussion of 'sex '. Gender depends on the roles of individual take based on their 'sex '. The roles that a certain 'sex ' has depend on how society has shaped and defined 'sex '. There are also cultural roles that are applied to male and female. Gender
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