Gender Inequality Within The Workplace

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Gender inequality in the workplace has always existed, but I don 't know that you could say it 's getting worse, you could say that it is spreading to new fields as they are coming into existence. The STEM fields we have today such as, Cyber Security, Cyber Gaming, and Nanotechnology are still very young fields but gender inequality has still managed to take a foothold in these new fields. This is probably the best place to start the movement toward equality because many of these fields simply rely on your ability to work a computer and no one has to know who you are so it would be a much simpler place to start. The solutions are fairly straightforward, but nonetheless need to be discussed. The problem begins at a very young age, as young as middle school in fact where young girls are led to believe that they can not perform as well as boys in certain subjects. “Starting from a young age girls are made to believe that their abilities are not sufficient enough to satisfy the requirements in such “complicated” fields and that boys are just more suitable for such jobs. Many are taught that and even if they were to take an interest in such subjects, it would be unnecessary since the fields are male dominated and they would never be able to excel in them. Overall societal pressures and expectations force women to conform to gender norms that hinder their participation and development in STEM fields. Gender inequality in STEM fields reflect a hierarchal system that further
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