Gender Inequality Within The Workplace

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The United States has always been praised for freedom and equality. However, there is a notable area of inequality in the workforce: the gender pay gap. In the Unites States, a woman makes, on average, a mere 78 cents to the dollar earned by a man. This statistic has remained steady and has only seen a small 18 cent increase in the past few decades. A majority of the wage gap is due to unsound social biases. Because gender inequality in the workforce is fueled by complex factors such as biases, it requires a complex solution. This brings forth a question that needs an answer in order to achieve complete equality: how can the issue of gender in the workplace be resolved? By the breakdown of historical events and documents, the economic analysis of the issue, and the use of education to raise a new generation of unbiased workforce, possible solutions can be composed that could minimize the gap in pay between the genders. History Women have been fighting for years to gain the rights that men possess. Since the 1800’s women have gained the right to own property, divorce, and vote but they do not receive the same pay for doing the same work. The Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 is where women started to fight for their rights and rally against the problems they faced (NWHM). At the Seneca Falls Convention Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony led women towards creating a Declaration of Sentiments, on that Declaration was women gaining voting rights. Nearly…
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