Gender Inequality Within The World

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Today most children in the United States attend classes where gender equality exists. Students have classes in which both boys and girls are treated equally and are friends with one another and that is all that they have ever known. However, this is not always the case in every country. As of 2015, 53% of the children who are not attending school throughout the world are female ("11 Facts About..."). Gender inequality is an important issue that needs to be focused on and fixed throughout the world, especially within the education systems. Although many people are aware of this issue, most people do not see it as a priority in the world right now. The gender gap in education systems throughout the world needs to be closed because gender equality is a necessity in the world and this is where it all starts.
Gender inequality throughout the world will not start to improve unless we start at the source of the issue. Overall there are many gender inequalities that are geared towards women that will not start to change unless they are corrected at a young age. Girls and women are proven to be disadvantaged in education systems in most parts of the world (“UNESCO Joins Partners…”). Some people argue that gender equality is not the biggest issue in the world because boys also can be disadvantaged. For example, of the boys that are out of school in South and West Asia, 16% of them are unlikely to ever start school (“Girls’ Education and…”). While there are cases in some parts of the
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