Gender Inequality : Women And Women

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There are hundreds and thousands of athletes all around the world but the main problem in the athlete world is gender inequality, women are not shown equal as men. They are discriminated in many ways such as pay, employment opportunities, value of women 's sport, media coverage etc. Despite the federal law passed called Title IX that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination." there is still gender inequality women are considered less than men. No matter what happens people will always have inequality against men and women because of the environment they live in and how they were raised. Women are discriminated in the sports…show more content…
They are not given the same amount of support to pursue an athletic career as men. Moreover, according to Kelsey Clark she has stated in her blog that “The very highest paid female soccer athletes, including the United States’ Alex Morgan, make only around a half million playing soccer. The highest paid men, in contrast, can earn more than $50 million for their salary and other winnings”. This demonstrates that women athletes are being paid low which is not fair at all and women are back off they are not treated equally as they deserve more than what they get and have more talent but it 's hidden because of the inequality. Women have careers in every job field such as business, science but in sports they do not have opportunities to go ahead and pursue a successful career. If we think about it in school, sport teams there are more men coaches than women there are barely any female coaches out there that are teaching others any sport. According to Emily Dugan women were surveyed and almost fifth of the women said that their careers have stalled because managers failed to promote them or offer training as stated in the newspaper independent in
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