Gender Inequality and Parenting

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Most parents try to give their children equal opportunities regardless of their gender. But parents tend to be more protective over their daughters than their sons. Some parents say this is because females are an easier prey. Raising children with gender stereotypes is unfair and can lead to problems such as pressure and high levels of disobedience. Children feel pressured now because if they do not act according to their gender stereotypes or how society wants them to behave, they get shamed and humiliated for not following in society’s rules.As a parent you try to give your children the best, but sometimes that’s just not enough. While some parents think that their rules are equal to both their sons and daughters, these parents tend to put more pressure and rules towards their daughters. While some may claim this is necessary for safety, I believe that it’s unfair. It is true that danger and violence is easily targeted towards women and girls because of what society considers “weak” but there is no question that parents are less lenient towards boys rather than girls. Society portrays women and young girls to hold a house hold together, cook, clean, watch the kids, etc. Most women and girls are not even expected to get far in education, and even some STEM field subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have always been a problem for women and young girls because these subjects are more male dominated. I see that there are many restrictions

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