Essay on Gender Inequality at the Workplace

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CHAPTER-4 GENDER INEQUALITY AT WORK PLACE The old aphorism, “The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife" has to be rephrased: "The consumer is not a moron; she is your BOSS." How did this development take place? The single most significant reason for this development has been the dawn of the consumer era. Today, it is neither the industry nor the government sector that drives the economy. The expenditure and savings of the household sector have become the driving force of the urban industrial economy. The growing economic power and autonomy of the woman is giving her greater power in the boardrooms also. This is because she is the consumer and understands both the needs of the household as well as another woman…show more content…
Their consumer expertise in a consumer-oriented economy places them in an enviable position where they are given priority at Management Institutes as well as in employment for executive positions. Companies are competing tooth and nail to employ the best female managers with "women-friendly" personnel policies. Even banks are looking definitely at consumer loans and often giving them importance. Ask any serious investor which businesses are worth capitalizing in today and the answer is; the sunrise industries such as software, health-care, drugs, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and customer banking. All these require more female executives at the helm of affairs than available. In pharmaceuticals, the Over the Counter (OTC) segment is being run by women executives. The moral (Prescription Drugs) will soon follow, because once talent and capability have been proven in a corporate setting, companies will work towards retentive and nurturing talent, regardless of gender. In fact, the personnel policies of some of the most successful companies in the "growth" sector, say Hindustan Lever, have develop so "women friendly" that the male executives may well face some embarrassment. In the light of these explanations, what are the current critical issues that need to be addressed? What measures will the corporate sector take to harness the skills of more and more educated and talented women for executive jobs? Of what greatness and quality will the incentives given to

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