Gender Inequality in Hong Kong

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There are various feminist critiques of the welfare state. They all exist to examine and develop their critiques on the individual welfare services ¡V health, housing, education, social security and the personal services. The aim of this paper is to examine the various feminist critiques and thus to decide which perspectives are effective in analyzing the gender inequality in Hong Kong.

This paper is divided into three parts. The first part will discuss the different theoretical and strategic positions within feminism ¡V Libertarian Feminism; Liberal Feminism; Welfare Feminism; Radical Feminism; Socialist Feminism and Black Feminism. The second part will try to look at the situation of gender inequality in Hong Kong.
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They think through the processes of socialization and education can lastly eliminate sex discrimination. Besides, pressurizing for reforms, to minimize the impact arising from women¡¦s biology role, is considering as the other strategy that they have adopted. They argue that women should be free to compete and use their skills and abilities if they have the right to contraception and abortion, maternity leave, state provision of day-care facilities for dependants. At last, women would take advantage of opportunities and rights through the reforming laws, provision and changed attitudes and behaviour. Equal opportunities are their ultimate aims to pursue.

Welfare Feminism

Welfare feminism struggles for reforms for women not only in the public sphere but also at their needs as mothers and wives within the private sphere. They think women¡¦s oppression is caused by the devaluation of motherhood. They ask for equal pay for wives and mothers through the welfare reforms. They strike for the interest of working-class women and seek material improvements for them, for example, maternity benefit, campaigns for infant health centers, antenatal clinic, birth control, etc. They think women¡¦s status and the conditions of motherhood can be improved by asking more from these state benefits.

Radical Feminism

Radical feminist think that women oppressed is caused by the state exercising male power over women. They criticize state represent patriarchal
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