Essay on Gender Inequality in Medical School

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Stereotypes have been around forever: the preconceived belief about a type of person or group. Stereotypes can remark on different races or cultures like Polish people or African American people. For example, stereotypes may say Americans are lazy obese, or unintelligent. There are also many stereotypes about genders. For example, women are weaker than men or women like to cook more than men or they are better caretakers. This discussion addresses major controversial stereotypes within medical schools and health institutions across America. For centuries women have faced the challenge of gender inequality within their medical education and profession. Different medical fields in schools, practices and institutions have different types of…show more content…
Awareness is also growing within med schools and even in the working field. For example, people are seeing issues with inequality in the forms of treatment, promotions and pay levels. "The gender gap in pay has been well documented, but what was not understood was whether academic accomplishments could overcome the pay gap. Our study found that, across the board, men are being paid substantially more than equally qualified and accomplished women at academic medical centers” (DesRoches, “Gender Inequality In Academic Researchers’ Compensation”). These types of studies help awareness to grow which is one way to begin resolving the issues of inequality. These advances are truly evident, but the inequalities are still also evident. Today one major gender inequality that is constantly seen in books, lawsuits and news articles is from the fact that more women want to be doctors. In the last 30-40 years the number of women in the physicians and surgeon medical fields has more than tripled. “Gender comparisons in professional orientations should suggest ways that the recent increase in the proportion of women in medical school might affect the practice and profession of medicine” (Leserman 142). There are many situations in American hospitals everywhere that do not want women as doctors, simply because they prefer men to play that traditional role. The stereotypes that people believe are that women should stay home and raise a family, or
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