Gender Inequity in the Home, Workplace, School and Sports Essay

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Are men and women treated equal? You will probably answer no to this question. Have you ever been affected by gender inequity? Almost everybody have experience gender inequity in some part of their life. Rather it was at a much younger age or now. Gender inequity starts to take effect at a young age. Some people might think it’s a minor thing or do not think about it at ll. However gender inequity at a young age can sometimes break or make a person. According to gender inequity is the lack of equity; unfairness; favoritism or bias towards a certain gender (“”). Gender inequality can be easily mistakenly practiced. In the bible, after Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree there are signs of gender …show more content…
Because of this, many people experience gender inequity in the workplace and school. Have anybody every told you that you have a man’s job or only women are receptionist? In the world of business gender equality and inequality also has its invisible views. Gender inequity is usually more visible than equality. It has been said that the negative side of everything can be noticed greatly than the positives. For example, many establishments believe that a business can flourish if its workforce employs more men than women. On the other hand, others consider women as an asset in the workplace. These are only some of the many inequalities in business. Sexual discrimination is also one of the greatest forms of gender inequality (""). Gender inequity in business can range from differences in wages due to gender to ranking issues. In the past five decades, the proportion of women in the labor force has changed dramatically In 1940 less than 20 percent of the female population was in the labor force. By 1988, the figure had risen to 54.4 percent. Since 1980 women have taken 80 percent of the new jobs created in the economy (Eitzen, 263). If a owner of a mechanic shop believe that only men should work on cars, he or she will probably not hire a women to work for the company. Gender inequity in schools can be seen in element school to college. Gender inequality in the classroom is a gradually declining yet still prevalent

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