Gender Is A Better Manager?

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What is a manager? Well, based on the definition from Oxford dictionary, it is "A person who manages staff, an organization or a football team." Over the last decade or so, there has been a significant change to the role of women, especially in the workplace. There has been a significant increase in female managers and team leaders yet we need to question, do gender matter in carrying out a task? Would men make better managers than women or vice versa? This debate as to which gender makes a better manager has been ongoing for decades and it is likely to continue for decades more to come. In my personal opinion, I believe that there is no clear winner as both male and female have their positive and negative capabilities in the workplace.…show more content…
The man went to work, make all financial decisions, where the women were expected to be the housekeeper. As the acceptance of women in the workplace grew, it was still considered a male domain where women would have menial tasks where their aspirations would have been to rise to the position of a secretary.

Because this, I believe women 's ambitions in a majority of cases are set lower. Some of the contributing factors to this can be as diverse as low self-esteem to parenthood. Also, the mindset and belief of a glass ceiling above them discourages them in believing that they can achieve and rise to the high positions. They also tend to be more cautious when applying for a job as their goals tends to change with their outside environment. For example, family life, childcare and fear of failure are all factors in which they must consider before committing to a new job. However, women who have climbed the corporate ladder have proven their managerial skills. Research conducted by McKinsey & Co (N.D. cited in ILM report) has proven a positive correlation between a company’s performance and the proportion of women serving on its executive board. It also states that they outperform their sector in terms of return on equity, operating results and stock price growth.

Another contributing factor in the difference of males and females in positions of management is mindset. Men in senior positions tend to be far more pragmatic. They are characterized as independent,
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