Gender Is A Matter Of Culture Essay

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What is Gender?
According to the Ann Oakley (1972), “Gender is a matter of Culture, it refers the classification of men and women into masculine and feminine.’’
What is the role of men, women and Transgender in the society?
Historically, the role of men is treated as a head of the household, bread winner of the family and respectable persons in the society. And the women have been given the role of being the caretaker of the household and the children. This position has several times been abused and reduced to a mere position of on who can be abused with surreal amounts of work, at the same time, could be given the least of resources and opportunities. The transgender population was always treated as an isolated group, with minimum opportunities and even lesser respect and dignity.
Occupation and Gender:
According to the ILO 3.0 Billion people were employed around the world in 2008, in this 1.2 billion (40.4%) were women. In this employment pattern 61% of people working in the agricultural field and other areas, 29% in middle income countries and 4% rich countries. The pattern of employment in working areas of men, women and transgender is varies from one country to another. Mostly in developing countries the working population of men are high as compare to the group of women and transgender, but if we see in developed countries it is different as in developing countries. But still the majority of working population is higher in men than the women and transgender.

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