Gender Is A Now A Large Topic For Modern Society

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Gender is a now a huge topic for modern days. How can you classify a gender in modern society? The answer to this question cannot be answered in modern society but in the past countries were the ones to label genders. Tell them who they are, what is there role, how you support the country in this role. Nazi Germany told to raise and birth children . Soviet Union you will raise children and birth them but also be a soldier and fight when needed. You will be treated as a man but with the duty of a woman . Women in Colonial Quito were legally obligated to practice obedience to their husbands. Women were dominated by their husbands and faced abused. Because this was how society viewed a role of a women in their society . Also in Brazil a boy had to act like a man if he was what they defined as a subversives they were acting feminine and that creates weakness for the nation as acting feminine allowed them to get pregnant by communism . The gender inequalities and differences have been socially constructed and scientifically quantified by countries in order to protect the civilization and control the population. Women in Nazi Germany and Soviet Union both had different social roles in what they considered service to their country as they were socially constructed to maintain their civilization. In Nazi Germany the Nation was above all and society had to be shaped the way they saw pure. Women had to give birth to this pure race and take care of the children. This was your role as
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