Gender Is A Very Hot Button Issue In 2017 America. Many

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Gender is a very hot button issue in 2017 America. Many citizens are confused by it all and don’t quite understand gender. Would four boys from the town of South Park understand? Probably not considering one boy would fake being transgender just to skip the long bathroom lines. In the following paper I will discuss and analyze the show South Park and its view on gender roles in one episode as well as Family guy and analyze its view on gender as well. The television show was created in 1997 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Comedy Central has been the home of South Park since its inception. The concentration of the show focuses on four boys in South Park, Colorado which is a fictional place. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are the four main…show more content…
He realizes he won’t be able to use the men’s restroom so instead he puts a bow on his head and uses the women’s restroom. The girls are disgusted and Cartman has to meet with the principal to address the situation. Cartman lies and claims he’s “transginger”, meaning transgender, and for that reason he is allowed to use the women’s restroom. The school realizes they are unable to win this battle and solve the problem by creating a transgender restroom. Wendy, one of the girls upset with Cartman’s lie, then claims to also be transgender and starts to use the transgender restroom. An angry Cartman then tells Wendy’s boyfriend Stan he is a girl since Wendy claims to be a guy. Stan goes to his father Randy for answers unaware that Randy is going through a gender crisis of his own. In this particular instance, the dynamic between girls and boys is much different. The boys try to gain power, namely Cartman over everyone else, including girls, and the principal herself by threatening to sue the school because of a false claim that he is transgender. Or as he calls it “transginger”. There are some gender stereotypes to note, such as the girls being very emotional and irrational. They get angry at Cartman for pretending to be a girl just to use the bathroom, so much so that a girl claims to be a boy just out of spite. Because of all the fuss and unwillingness to comeromise, the school creates a

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