Gender Is An Indispensable Component Of Social System

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Gender is a range of characteristics that are used to differentiate among male and female with each other which is seen to distinguish between male and female entities, extending from one 's biological sex to, in humans, one 's social role or gender end entity. The World health organization (WHO), for example, uses "gender" to refer to "the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women". Finally, the same word, gender, is also, commonly applied to the independent concept of distinctive word categories in certain languages. Grammatical gender has little or nothing to do with differences between men and women (Wikipedia, 2009) .
1.2 Gender Behaviour
Gender behaviour are an indispensable component of social system. Women are career oriented along with the role of home-maker. Women are faced with many gender issues as paid workers. Women are discriminated because they are considered as fair sex. Differentiation exists both at inhibited and exhibited levels. Roles are assigned according to gender in the form of stereotypic roles. As such, women are faced with many issues in the present set up of society. Modernity has created certain conflicting and anxiety situations among the women due to laxity in shedding traditional outlook and at the same time in assimilating the modern outlook (Ganihar and Begum, 2007) .
1.3Major Gender Issues
There are different gender behavior issues which are…
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