Gender Is More Than Just The Body One Is Born Into

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Gender is more than just the body one is born into, it is the way they choose to perform. In entertainment culture, there has always been a strong distinction between the male and female genders. In stories, paintings, and dances, the men are more dominate and strong while the women are soft and submissive. Men generally carry or have the strongest effect on the story line, while the women are only influenced by the men’s decisions. By using a traditional and stereotypical story, we can investigate the life of someone who experienced identifying as both genders. In Sexton’s retelling of “Cinderella,” Cinderella is forced to change herself twice because of those around her; first when her stepmother and stepsisters make her their serving girl and then again in order to be considered presentable enough to attend the prince’s ball. In Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Hedwig is forced to change into a woman to order to flee crumpling Germany. S/He is influenced in this decision by her/his mother and Luther. Both Cinderella’s and Hedwig’s changes become permanent, but in different ways. Cinderella changed her appearance and by marrying the prince who fell in love with her changed appearance, she ensure she would continue living with that appearance. However, Hedwig changed her/his gender, something unlike Cinderella, s/he can never reverse. In “Cinderella,” the stepsister’s are forced by their mother to physically change themselves in order to please the prince and have the…

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